Texas Craft Brewers Fest Profile: Shannon Brewing

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By: Bitch Beer
 Interview with Shannon Brewing:


Bitch Beer: Can you tell me a little bit about Shannon Brewing’s philosophy and the journey of starting it?

Shannon Carter: Our brewery’s philosophy can be summed up in one word: wholesome. This word drives our brewing process, ingredient supply, and brewery operations. We are passionate about great beer—all natural, beautiful, wholesome, easy-drinking beer! Our beer is brewed with pure spring water and non-GMO grain using our unique fire-brewed system. The brewery is located on Samantha Springs Bottling Company’s property, so we can brew with the pure, unadulterated spring water.


BB: Where can people currently find your beers, and where do you hope to have them available in the future?

SC: We are a brand new brewery in Keller, Texas. We open our doors for the first time [this] week 8/29 and 8/30. Our beer is currently only available at our brewery but will be available throughout the mid-cities area this Fall. We will also be bottling early on. We are licensed and able to sell beer by the pint in our air-conditioned taproom, as well as, sell packaged goods right out of the brewery.


BB: How does it feel to be participating in the Texas Craft Brewers Festival this year?

SC: The Texas Craft Brewer’s Festival is really one of our “coming out” parties, so we are very excited to be participating.


BB: What should people expect if they come to visit your booth at the Texas Craft Brewers Festival?

SC: We will be bringing our unique Fire-Brewed IPA and Chocolate Stout to the festival.Fire brewing gives our beer a flavor profile that is unique: malt-forward but very balanced and drinkable.


BB: What other breweries’ offerings are you hoping to try at the festival?

SC: As many as we have time for…Texas has a great craft beer scene. This year’s festival should be a blast!


BB: Anything else we should know about your brewery?
SC: Air-conditioned taproom, big beer garden, opening to the public for the first time on 8/29 and 8/30.