shannon-blonde-hopsShannon Brewing Company produces an award-winning portfolio of all-natural beer. The brewery crafts all of its beer the way it was done centuries ago — with pure spring water, all natural ingredients and FIRE. Along with its commitment to all-natural and wholesome products, the Shannon Brewery is committed to sustainable business practices. This commitment include:

  • Minimizing water consumption by using a natural water source, thereby, avoiding reverse osmosis and other water wasting processes.
  • Capturing some of the energy used in the boil process by knocking out with cold spring water, thereby, pre-heating our brew water.
  • Utilizing on-demand hot water heaters to heat brewing and cleaning water.
  • Donating all spent grain to area farmers and ranchers for feed.
  • Capturing and composting spent trub.
  • Capturing and donating spent yeast to area farmers and ranchers for feed and compost.
  • Implementing a brewery-wide recycling program.
  • Capturing rain water for watering our hop garden and landscaping.
  • Packaging: aluminum cans are made from one of the most recycled materials available — aluminum. Plus, cans are better for the beer: impervious to air and light, they do not break, making them more suitable for outdoor adventures, and the lighter weight reduces transportation impacts.
  • Packaging: stainless steel kegs are the most sustainable package. Kegs are infinitely reusable without degrading beer quality.
  • LED lighting in our taproom and high efficient fluorescent lighting in our production area.
  • Distributor agreements allow us to minimize our delivery vehicles, thereby, reducing the number of vehicles on our roads, fuel consumed and emissions produced.
  • Reuse of building materials: we reclaimed and reused everything possible from the old building that became our brewery. You will find reclaimed materials throughout our brewery, taproom and beer garden.