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Shannon Brewing Company Mens T-Shirts are guaranteed to make you look 17% more Irish. Choose one of the following sayings for the back of your shirt.

Craic Agus Beoir Y’all
(crak ah-guss byorr yawl) Craic Agus Beoir is an Irish saying that loosely translates to “great times & great beer.” “Y’all,” on the other hand, is a distinctively Texas word meaning “you all.” For instance: Y’all ‘er in fer it if y’all tump my beer over.

(slahn-chə or slawn-chay) Sláinte is a Gaelic word literally translating as “health” and is commonly used as a drinking toast in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. It is often used in the phrase Sláinte Mhaith (SLAWN-chay ‘va), meaning “good health”.

Texas go Bragh
Texas (ɡə ˈbrɑ) is our take on an Irish saying, Erin go Bragh, meaning Ireland Forever. Texas Forever is our way of showing our tremendous pride in being Irish American (Texans)!

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Craic Agus Beoir Y'all, Sláinte, Texas go Bragh