New Brewery will Feature Unique Keller Flavor

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Moo0p.St.58A new beer brewery is in the works in Keller will be the seventh brewery in Metroplex, but it will have an ingredient that will give a distinctly Keller flavor. Keller City Council approved the plans for Shannon Brewery coming to North Main Street on the grounds of Samantha Springs. The brewery will use the springs’ natural water as part of its recipe, owner Shannon Carter said.


Shannon Brewery is the only brewery in the Metroplex that will use spring water in its brewing process, he said. “In my opinion, the best water you can find is Samantha Springs water,” Carter said. “And you can’t hold true to the wholesomeness of our products without the best water you can find.”


Carter said his vision in creating Shannon Brewery was to bring to market the sensation of wholesome Irish ales found in pubs throughout the United Kingdom. Those beers use natural ingredients as the foundation of their unique tastes.


Carter said he wants to brew with the “best stuff on earth.” Samantha Springs runs underground at the brewery site through a honeycomb rock formation. The rocks are hollowed out and filled with fine white sand, which naturally purifies the water and gives it a mineral content perfect for brewing, Carter said. Since the brewery will be built on site, the water will not need to be treated and can instead flow straight through the brewing system without chlorine or added chemicals.


Carter’s inspiration for using the springs as his water source came from his great grandfather’s work as a home brewer in Ireland.


“I kind of had this lightbulb moment, where I thought, the process, not the recipe, is the key here,” Carter said. The firebrewed process uses a mash tun, a vessel in which grain is mixed with water to extract a sweet liquid called wort. The process allows temperature to be precisely controlled to turn off and on certain proteins, to caramelize sugars and to give the unique flavor to the wort, and therefore the beer. The brewery uses non-GMO whole grain and whole flour hops as a part of its signature flavor.


Carter and his family moved to Keller from Austin two years ago to make the brewery a reality. After doing research on water resources, Carter found Samantha Springs to be the ideal source. Samantha Springs was originally named Double Springs after a nearby town with two springs about a mile apart. Joe McCombs now owns both springs, which had been “lost” for many years before he rediscovered them. McCombs said he bought property with the first spring underneath and discovered the springs while setting up a fence to keep in his livestock. McCombs named the springs for his daughter, Samantha, who died at age 3 while waiting for a heart transplant.


When Carter reached out to McCombs to start the brewery, the idea of putting it on site at the springs was the perfect joint effort, Carter said. The brewery will start selling its products in the Midcities area and branch out from there, hopefully statewide, Carter said. Besides beer, Carter also will sell carbonated lemonade for kids and packaged goods on site, thanks to unique licensing.


City Council approved the brewery to have an outdoor beer garden that can operate until 8 p.m. nightly. Special events also may be held within the brewery. Ground is already being turned up at the location, and construction will begin Jan. 2. Depending on the weather, Carter said the building should be erected in 45 to 60 days, and that he hopes to be brewing by March.


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