SOLD OUT Shannon’s Father’s Day – Brewer for a Day

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SOLD OUT Shannon's Father's Day - Brewer for a Day
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If you are a father, a mom who stands in for a father, a godfather, or a dog-father (for the dyslexic and animal lovers), a coach (kids or adults…both can be children), a school teacher, or have ever stood up as a father-figure for anyone — come brew with us.

Shannon Brewing Co will be hosting a brew day, Friday, June 18th. You will be as hands-on with the entire brewing process as you want to be — including dough-in, mash conversion, lautering, boil, and transfer into the fermenter. We will discuss recipe development, brewing process, fermentation, dry-spicing, clarification, carbonation, and packaging.

Friday, June 18th – 40 Barrel Brew – Hazy Grapefruit IPA
The brew begins at 8 am and lasts roughly 8 hours. Come and go as you please.
Shannon Brewing Co will provide pizza
for lunch around 12-1 pm

3 pints of beer **Starting when the taproom opens at 4 pm**
1 future pint of your Fathers Day brew — once the brew is ready
“BEARD” Shannon Logo t-shirt (available in S-2XL)

Dress appropriately — it’s hot in the summer and almost always wet. We have water to keep you hydrated but feel free to bring non-alcoholic beverages and
snacks to keep you moving.

There is only so much room in the brewhouse so tickets are very limited. This opportunity doesn’t happen often so don’t miss out!