About Us

2016_Shannon-Beer_Irish-Red2-cropppedShannon Brewing Company produces an award-winning portfolio of all-natural beer. The brewery crafts all of its beer the way it was done centuries ago — with FIRE using pure Texas spring water, whole grain, whole flower hops and a whole lotta love. The brewery engineered a one-of-a-kind brewhouse, allowing it to heat its mash (grain + water) and wort (sweet liquid extracted from the mash) with fire, giving its beer a caramelized malt profile.

What makes our beer great?

  • Pure Texas Spring Water — We start the brewing process with pure Texas spring water. Our water comes straight from the spring, through our filtering system, right into our brewing tanks — no chlorine, fluoride or any other treatments…just pure spring water.
  • Fire Brewed Process — Our beer is brewed with fire, an old-school process inspired by some of the oldest brewhouses in Ireland. Our unique brewhouse and process enable our brewers to precisely control enzyme activity, produce superior malty flavors and delicately caramelize our sugars — creating truly wonderful and unique beers.
  • All-Natural & Wholesome Ingredients — We use pure spring water, quality malted barley and whole flower hops in all of our brews. This provides our beer a complexity, flavor profile and aroma that is wholesome, natural and truly enjoyable.
  • Patience — Great beer takes time — it requires patience in brewing, fermenting and especially aging. Our beers are allowed to age properly, ensuring a wholesome and great tasting beer.
  • Never Filtered or Pasteurized — Filtering strips flavor from beer and pasteurizing kills it. We produce beer that is all-natural, beautiful and tasty!

Sláinte Mhaith