Fire-brewed with pure spring, whole grain, whole flower hops

...and a Whole Lotta Love!

Fire Brewed

fire brewedOur award-winning beer is brewed with the best stuff on earth: pure spring water, whole grain, whole flower hops and a whole lotta love! For us, “brewed with the best stuff on earth,” is much more than a saying…it’s a guiding principle. Paramount to this commitment is our multi-step fire-brewed process.


IR-Illustration-WhiteBGShannon Brewing Company beer is available at the brewery for sale directly to the public in kegs and bottles for personal consumption (not for resale). You can also find our beer in cans and draft by searching our Google map.

Rent the Brewery

The brewery has three areas for private rental — our taproom (approx. 128 guests), our outdoor beer garden (approx. 150 people) and our production area (approx. 150 People). Check to see if a date is available on our events page. More information regarding our private event rentals can be found here.

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